Ships Log: Black Raven Maiden Cruise, 5-9-09

Ta be at sea!

It grand ta have the wind ta yar back, sea spray in yar face n' salt air in yar lungs. I took the 6:15 sunset cruise on the first day of crusing, so technically it was the 3rd cruise n' not the maiden voyage. While not a reproduction tall wood ship, the Black Ravenis best steel tourist pirate ship on ocean. Unfortunately tall ships can't break even in the tourist business as they require more crew member, more up keep, and have less passenger capacity.

Overall the cruise be pleasant n' informative. As it be dar first day at sea, they still need a bit more work on their interaction with passengers. When they get dar liquor licensee n' permit to fire black powder on the water, it will be much better. You can purchase ticket for the Black Raven at my shop: Pirate Portraits N Treasures, dar horizon looks golden with more pirate attraction is this olde port town.

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  1. I was ther supportin' me matey, Grace Sparrow. I have a good time aboard of The Black Raven. Good luck n' fair winds to the Crew.