Ships Log: Drake's Raid of St Augustine , 6-7-09

Burn the town,

In 1586, England and Spain were at war n' Sir Francis Drake fired upon St Augustine, forcing Governor Marquez n' his people to flee. Immediately, Indians looted the town. When the English arrived, they took what the Indians left behind, and it is said the killing of an English soldier by the Spanish rearguard prompted Drake to issue his dreadful orders- "burn the town!"

I love re-enactments. We all get to get in garb, fire some black powered, sword fight n' have some fun. But the Devil be angered by some event that I must voice out. Two little boys get dressed up as pirates and visit the Drake's raid encampment. They are unfriendly told to leave the area immediately. The boys n' their mother show up in my shop, purchase a few items to become more authentic but not enough to gain access. Is this the best policy to encourage youngsters to delve into history. I firmly believe in being inclusive vs exclusive. Let people come with what they have, educate them, and slowly over time they will upgrade n' become more authentic. A change in attitude will help greatly in our towns coffer as well as its merchants.

If historical correctness is so important, then the great re-entactment of the brave Spanish defense of the city gates and reguard action throughout the city and its last stand in front of the Government House is a total fabrication. Most of the city ran into the wood before the English arrive, a few sniper were left to slow the English. Why be costume Nazi, what does it buy us? In a time of a depressed economy for St Augustine as well as the entire US, we need to become more attractive to get at the few traveler about.

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