Ships Log: Folio Weekly Pirate Article , 6-2-09

The blood rags,

That would be my artwork on the cover maties. They got more right than wrong about me. They did get my name, address, calendar, pub crawl, Molly Roger n' writing fer Pirate Magazine right. But I don't have a Fu Manchu mustache o' blouse that sell for $100. I do have blouses that sell for $39 and bodices from run from $30 to $139. Even bad press can be good if it get people to come in to Pirate Portraits N Treasures, arrrrgh!

Overall they wrote an article to stir up controversy between who the City of St Augustine is at odd with Pirates. The city claims there have never been any pirates in the oldest city in the new world. Plus they only tell of how the evil English privateers attacked the city many times, but say nothing of Spanish privateers taking English prizes. Initially the Spanish crown did not recognize privateer's letter of mark and hung them just like any other pirate. One countries privateer is another counties pirate, for the results are them taking of merchant ships and sacking of coastal cities. When Spanish n' England were at war, the city of St Augustine almost starved if it were not for Spanish privateers who took English merchantmen filled with supplies. They should be celebrated like Robin Hood.

I agree with the Destination Master Plan report which states focusing all arrr tourism around the Spanish Colonial history alone is like forcing feeding yar kid's veggies. I would rather have the City of St Augustine embrace a wider range of historical endeavors rather than build a plastic water park. People come here for history, let give it to them in buckle loads instead of a very narrow city approved one. If the City is starving for income, it will have to attract more tourist. If the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie is film here, we should board the treasure galleon n' claim arrr share of the gold, instead of focusing on how is not historically correct. Alternative history can be as powerful as real history, since history is always told by the winner. Most of arrr pirate history come from the English, it might look different from the Spanish, French or Dutch perspective. St Augustine was only second to Havana as a Spanish privateer port, who also supplied many French privateers who were at war with England.

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