Ship's Log: A Pyrate's Life Party, 8-4-07

Good fortune attend ye!

This be the morning after thar Calendar Release Partee, n' what a partee it be. 169 rabble rousing buccaneers board the beachs of Mission Bay to sword fight, feast on alligator sauage, talk the pyrate tongue, be entertained by fire breathers n' dancers. Oh, yea! to drink lots of ale n' some most wonderful navy grog. Fer some reason I had lot of lemon tea left over, but no rum!

Me four wanton wench signed the 2008 Hot Pirate Babe Calendars by tiki torches. Pirates as far as Alaska, France, New Orleans, Arizona n' Colorado come to me partee n' say it be worth the long voyage n' be plannin' to attend new year.

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  1. Yarrgh! T'was a mighty fine time we had and had by all if I be the judge. Lookin' forward to seein' all me new mateys and madames at the next pyrate partee!