Ship's Log: Rollercon, 8-9-07

Prepare to be boarded mates,

I traveled the Las Wages, NV to visit them thar Molly Roger Roller Derby Team. As they be attendin' RollerCon , the 3rd annual convention of women's roller derby teams. The sport grew like wild fire after the TV program RollerGirls aired on cable. There are over 100 teams n' many be sporting pyrate symbols.

I got to know the 8 team members that come down from Florida: Rue Morgue, Habeas Corpus,Holly Hacksaw, Garbage Pail Kid, Buxom Basher, Davy Jones' Blocker, Mama Bear& Ginger Rum Punch. We took some team shots infront of them thar pirate ships infront of Treasure Island n' gathered a crowd of spectators. I also did a photoshot with Megan, as a potential 2009 Calendar Model.

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