Ship's Log: Festival of Sail San Francisco: 7-23-08

By living thunder,

Ye would think that Festival of Sails San Francisco would be dar most crowded event ever if ye be listening ta dar promoter, but ye be wrong, very wrong. I recoken that dar be just too many things happening in the city or they just don't know how to promote n' organize. I got to the city a day early so I could take photos of the parade of ship, since it normally takes place while I'm vending. I even rented a special 400mm lens, which be mighty smart as the ships were a very far off from the shores.

Here be my very beautiful assistant, Teague, who you might see more of in dar future. I was entertained by a very talented Jack Spare Ribs. I hope ta see you at one the events that I'll be setting up my Olde Tyme Dress Like a Pyrate Photo Booth.

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