Ship's Log: Pirates 2 - Stagnetti's Revenge

Perish n' plague me,

I got myself on tha set of the Pirates II. This be the 1st time Digital Playground has allowed press in on a shoot, arrrgh lucky me! Pirates I was the most expensive adult movie ever produced n’ the first one ta go mainstream into Blockbuster with an R rated version. Fer Pirates II, Stagnetti’s Revenge, they built a 65-foot pirate ship on a huge sound stage against green screen.

I interviewed Jesse Jane, tha key female actress who plays Jules, the first mate. “I love pirates, their dirty n’ sexy” exclaims Jesse, “so watch out all ye pirates, I be a pirate hunter, so I’m looking fer a perfect pirate mate, so surrender the booty!” None of the female actors got to do any fighting on the first movie, but we will be in this one. They have 6 days of training with 3 different swords masters. Here be a shot from a live sexy scene between Jesse Jand n' Belladonna.

Even Stone, the lead male actor who plays pirate hunter Capt. Edward Reynolds, was tha Green Knight for Medieval Times. He got hurt in a joust, then became an adult actor. Joone, the director, told me how Pirates came to be. One day on set in Bora Bora, Even Stone dressed up as a pirate, who performed this little skit that was included as an extra. Afterward, I thought it would be really fun to do a real pirate movie. The movie is loosely based on a pirate hunter from Puerto Rico. “I love working with pirate re-enactors, they have these hand-made costumes what we could never afford for an extra. They come in n’ have fun playing pirate fer a day.” says Joone.