Ship's Log: Tacoma Tall Ships, 7-3-08

On my soul's salvation,

After a week of restlessness worrying if my grant trip to the great NorthWest has going to sink me financially, dar Tall Ships Tacoma be finally here. They put me between the speakers of the main stage and a large generator in the 3rd Village with the best ships. I complained n' was put on the sidewalk in the 2nd Village with had no tallships. They were gunning fer a million visitor, but I project they got a third to a half million visitors. All the other vendors were complaining and many left before the last day, but I did great. Fortunately I was 10 feet from the bus stop, this ended up being me best show ever.

I know I shouldn't be picking up strays, but this cute wharf rat had just disembarked from a tall ship from one of the youth sailing programs. We exchange pictures fer services rendered - I still have that monkey fist of hers. Without a doubt, this be a profit venture even with half the engagements.

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