Ship's Log: Seattle Seafair Pirates, 6-28-08

Hell n' corruption,

It been my intent to vend at all the Tall Ship Festivals this summer along the Pacific Coast. Well I go to the border to attend the Victoria Tall Ships when the bloody Canadian bureaucrats told me if I attempted to cross the border with a "work permit n' a special government survey stating that dar was not any competent Canadian Pirate Photographer who could do the same job" that they would put me in jail, arrrrgh!

Instead of rotting in a foreign jail, I when back down to Washington and spent some time with the Seattle Seafair Pirates. I got to ride in dar famous "Moby Duck" an old military amphibious vehicle painted as a pirate ship. They be an amazing group of male only pirates, who participate in over 200 events per year. I attended 3 event with them in one week: trip to Chinese Town, Employee Day at Microsoft, Seafair Marathon. They travel to several foreign countries each year. They have a rough one year long initiation program. They have a separate business management (president, vp, sec, treasure) and a performance crew (capt, bosum, etc). Captains only serve once and for only one year. They do have alot of fun and be very respected by dar locals.

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