Ship's Log: Rusty Scuppers, 6-20-08

I'd have the pleasure of saying,

that I be thinkin' that this here little pyrate event was going to be a bit corny and not very profitable, but I'd be wrong. I had a great time at the Rusty Scupper Pirate Weekend in Westport, Washington. They had a wonderful parade of pirate ships on floats as well as a few miniature pirate ships in the water. Dar weather started out a bit wet n' overcast, but dar sun come out on Sunday.

It was good ta be known by some of dar local pirate groups up in the great NorthWest. I should of gotten me a pretty little assistant fer it was my busiest event I have done by myself. Sink n' scuttle me if I don't be finding any wanned wenches.

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