Ship's Log: Ventura Harbor Village: 7-19-08

Lookee here,

This be one of me favorite events, Ventura Harbor Village Pirate Day's, fer I get ta be with my good friends, Pirates for Hire. This be both a blessing n' a curse. Fer I get a nice booth 5 feet infront of dar stage, which means I get ta be entertained by with everyone watching them - I get's no business. I finally figured it out that if I turned my booth 90 degress, people would finally figure out I was not part of the stage n' come up to take pictures. I'll be damned that it worked n' I was busy all Sunday.

Dar Pirates for Hire krewe changed quiet a bit since we first did this event 3 years ago. I heartily approve of their new direction of showin' more skin fer their wenches. Here be 4 new doxies n' lookers they be.

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